About Fineqia Limited

Fineqia is a U.K. subsidiary of the Fineqia International Inc. It provides a platform and associated services to support security issuances and manage administration of debt securities such as minibonds. It acts as a broker bringing an issuing company's minibonds to market, by distributing and marketing minibonds to the crowd, as well as transparently highlighting the risks and objectively outlining opportunities involved.

FCA Sandbox Cohort

The Regulatory Sandbox allows firms to test innovative products, services or business models in a live market environment, while ensuring that appropriate protections are in place. It is part of 'Innovate', an initiative kicked off in 2014 to promote competition in the interest of consumers. Since its inception, 'Innovate' has had over 1,200 applications and has supported more than 500 firms. The Sandbox was a first for regulators worldwide, underlining the FCA's commitment to innovation in financial services.

Twenty-nine recent new companies were just accepted, including Fineqia Limited, the U.K. subsidiary of Fineqia International with its blockchain based digital platform that enables companies to issue and administer debt and equity securities, including bonds backed by cryptoassets.