Fineqia Limited Launches Beta Investment Platform to Offer Select Deals

Fineqia aims to provide investors with an information advantage and more importantly, a way into carefully selected deals. Being highly selective, only a few quality deals will be shown at any given time.

The Company’s Chairman Martin Graham said: “We offer a unique combination of what we believe are quality and low risk offerings only, which would typically only be available to large institutional investors. Our platform is essentially designed to deliver a priority pass for better returns.”

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Fineqia Partners with JOI Media's Katipult for Technology Platform

Fineqia International Inc. to use its technology platform to start Fineqia's U.K. business that brings crowd investors some of the most lucrative and risk‑mitigated opportunities that have been mostly the privy of large financial institutions. Fineqia will use JOI's proprietary crowdfunding software product Katipult, named as one of Canada's most innovative financial technology enterprises by the Royal Bank of Canada. Katipult's white‑label platform is transforming how equity and debt private placements are funded by giving crowdfunding platforms the tools to grow and efficiently manage investor networks as well as streamline deal flow administration. The crowdfunding software facilitates the entire investment process from deal origination to investor tax reporting.

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